lunedì 14 gennaio 2019

The Siege Masters

Trebuchet, a real one

Thanks to Oakland Ballistics I could add a real Trebuchet to my knights.
I imagine you will remember that during the 90s, Playmobil has made available a series of sets dedicated to siege machines.
I always imagine these knights as mercenaries in the service of the noble factions.

The Oakland Ballistics's Trebuchet is so easy to assemble and it's great with the knights, not too big but above all not too small, perfect!

The product is not painted, so I enjoyed painting it, I also added some twine to make it look more realistic.

An old lord

I've never hidden my passion for the 90s sets.
I love their heraldry.
In this shot I wanted to tell the return home of the Lord of the House Hightower (Game of Thrones wink); on the other hand, their emblem is a Tower and no other name came to my mind ...
Do you remember them? What name did you give them?

lunedì 7 gennaio 2019

domenica 6 gennaio 2019

A dream come TRUE

After years of dreaming about using real cannons with Playmobil I've finally managed to to do this: