Thursday, November 17, 2016

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Frosting? In August?! WTF

How to remove that frosting effect from miniatures or armors.

Is so easy, you can avoid it by checking the air humidity before you spray the color.

However if you are like me and new to this you can "heal" the miniatures with oil.
Yes oil. I tried olive oil after having read about it on the web.

Since now I paint only armors for Playmobil or Legos you will see the process of removing frosting applied to them.

On my armors I used the most classic of the varnishes:

Let's begin with this:

You can see clearly why it is called frosting.

Now you can use a brush or a bowl full of..oil! That depends on the quantity you need to work on.

 I prefer the bowl.

a closer view

and then...when it dries:

and the final result is this:

Monday, August 22, 2016

No life till Leather day

I just received these sweet leather/cloth neck protections for my Man-at-Arms.

I bought them on ebay, if you want them look up for "kragen" or "cuello".
That was the only way I found them.

Take a look, I cannot wait to start making some custom infantry soldiers!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sometimes you just need legs.

Shopping time with Playmobil Direct Service.

Well, yes sometimes I just need a particular item and I kwnow you can find them on Ebay but why not try with the official Playmobil Direct Service?

I tried. They are wonderful. They help me out with some items even I did not know the code and I know and use this fantastic site:

Please, use it.

This time I wanted to make some medieval foot soldiers and I needed the legs from this fellow:

Even if I've found a very low price on ebay for this set I need more legs
And I also need some mail collars, if you are an aficionado like me you know of what I'm talking about: they are maybe the most wanted medieval item.
..and guess what? I could buy them from the direct service.

Okay, below some images

I love blister packs!

Painting Playmobil & Lego - Guide step by step

Paint Playmobil or Lego (only armour) is very easy.
Personally I prefer to use Citadel colour (Yes, I'm a Warhammer fan)
Unless you have a breathing mask...

First thing to do is pick up all your amours helmets etc etc and place them on a cardboard box.

Now get ready to spray it with some black (Chaos Black from Citadel)

Try to spray the colour from every direction, do not worry if you think is too much, It will dry.

To get the metal look spray everything with this: 
Lead Belcher (the new Boltgun Metal, if you are old like me)

And this is what you get. Let's put them on!

Good to go. Still missing is some black ink to highlight the armour parts and make the metal look real and worn.

This is the final result. Now we have to paint armours for an entire army, yaaaayyy 

Friday, August 19, 2016

...ehm..FIRST POST!

Okay this my first post.
Not much to say for the moment.
You can see a few pics of my hobby on instagram