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Italian Heraldry: Castracani degli Antelminelli

 Castruccio Castracani degli Antelminelli (1281-1328) was a famous condottiero and lord of Lucca. Born into a noble family, he initially distinguished himself as a soldier in the service of the Ghibellines. His military and political skills allowed him to emerge as the leader of Lucca, where he established an authoritarian regime.

Castracani fought against the Guelphs and other rival city-states, consolidating his power in Tuscany. Among his most notable achievements is the victory at the Battle of Altopascio in 1325, which allowed him to extend his control over large areas of Tuscany. Besides his military prowess, he was known for his intelligence and political cunning.

He died in 1328, leaving behind a legacy as a great military leader and skilled politician. His figure was also immortalized by Niccolò Machiavelli, who wrote a biography of him, contributing to his lasting fame in subsequent centuries.

Italian Heraldry: Braccio da Montone

Braccio da Montone, also known as Andrea Fortebracci, was an Italian condottiero born in 1368 in Montone, Umbria, and died in 1424. Descended from a noble family, he became one of the most skilled mercenary leaders of his time. Braccio was renowned for his strategic prowess and bravery, successfully leading his troops in numerous battles. He served various Italian lords and several city-states. His influence and power grew to the point where he founded his own state in central Italy. However, his ambition led him into conflicts with the papacy and other Italian powers. He died in 1424 during the Battle of L'Aquila, marking the end of his short but intense military career.