Monday, August 7, 2023

Back to test miniature cannons

Here are the weekend's tests.

I made a cannon with polymer clay, the core of the cannon is composed of cast iron plumbing pipe that I covered with clay and then fired in the kiln.

I used wire to attach the cannon trunnions, which are also covered with polymer clay.

I made the ignition hole at the back where it is most convenient to light the firecracker.

However, I also have some ideas on how to make an alternative that equally allows for convenient loading and firing by unscrewing the cast iron tube cap.

Coming soon...

In addition to the polymer clay cannon I also modified yet another desk cannon from my rambling desk cannon collection.

In this case it is two models, the cannon of one model and the carriage of another that turn out to be compatible!!!

I am also practicing woodworking to make a wagon up to the standard of being called a "miniature reproduction"

I recommend you try it too but make sure you have the proper protections.

In the heat of boring the cannon the drill got stuck and the whole work table flew at me. Fortunately I came out unharmed except for my little finger, which was slightly broken.

Freshly Baked Polymer Clay Cannon

the closest thing to an artillery carriage I've made

Miniature Desk Cannon with a not made by me gun carriage