With Zeal, Bayonets and Paper Only

Lately I have started to deal with paper soldiers. 
This for me is diving into the remote past. 
My first experience with paper soldiers dates back to when I was 7 years old and my aunt told me about the Iliad using paper soldiers made by her. 
Then came the book by A.G. Smith "Civil War Paper Soldiers". 
Today thanks to Peter Dennis I rediscovered the paper soldiers, I recommend them to everyone, they are an inexpensive alternative to miniatures.

Paper Soldiers by Peter Dennis


17th Century
18th Century
18th Century (American Revolutionary War)
American Civil War

Paper Soldiers by Christopher Walker - Walkerloo
Napoleonic Era

Paper Soldiers by Sergio Toppi

Lotta col Drago - Dragon Fight

Paper Soldiers by Vittorio Gorini
Battle of Agincourt

Paper Soldiers by Andrey Akimov
Italian Bersaglieri

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