Monday, March 25, 2024

Italian Heraldry: Scaricamazza

Again I find myself unable to finish one project without new ideas flooding in. In the upcoming months, I've resolved to also delve into creating mantles, flags, and shields inspired by the heraldry of noble Italian families, focusing particularly on one of my favorite historical eras, the Renaissance.

For each coat of arms, I envision crafting a flag, shield, and mantle. The inaugural coat of arms for this endeavor belongs to the Scaricamazza family. I extend my gratitude to Dario Scaricamazza, the coat of arms' owner and manager of the Instagram profile

As an additional touch, I've decided to include a leopard fur atop the mantle, echoing the coat of arms. If there's a coat of arms you'd like to see brought to life, do let me know!

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