Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Frosting? In August?! WTF

How to remove that frosting effect from miniatures or armors.

Is so easy, you can avoid it by checking the air humidity before you spray the color.

However if you are like me and new to this you can "heal" the miniatures with oil.
Yes oil. I tried olive oil after having read about it on the web.

Since now I paint only armors for Playmobil or Legos you will see the process of removing frosting applied to them.

On my armors I used the most classic of the varnishes:

Let's begin with this:

You can see clearly why it is called frosting.

Now you can use a brush or a bowl full of..oil! That depends on the quantity you need to work on.

 I prefer the bowl.

a closer view

and then...when it dries:

and the final result is this:

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