Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sometimes you just need legs.

Shopping time with Playmobil Direct Service.

Well, yes sometimes I just need a particular item and I kwnow you can find them on Ebay but why not try with the official Playmobil Direct Service?

I tried. They are wonderful. They help me out with some items even I did not know the code and I know and use this fantastic site:

Please, use it.

This time I wanted to make some medieval foot soldiers and I needed the legs from this fellow:

Even if I've found a very low price on ebay for this set I need more legs
And I also need some mail collars, if you are an aficionado like me you know of what I'm talking about: they are maybe the most wanted medieval item.
..and guess what? I could buy them from the direct service.

Okay, below some images

I love blister packs!

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