Sunday, April 21, 2024

Basil The Bat Lord

The Fright Knights are a series of LEGO sets introduced in the '90s featuring a medieval fantasy theme with a touch of horror elements. This line included castles and knight figures, but with a storyline and style that incorporated vampires, ghosts, and mysterious creatures. It was a unique interpretation of the medieval LEGO genre, adding some darkness and charm to the classic castle setting.

Basil the Bat Lord is a prominent character from the LEGO Fright Knights series. He is depicted as a sinister and powerful figure, often adorned in dark, elaborate armor adorned with bat motifs. Basil commands an army of spooky knights and creatures, including vampires and ghosts, in his quest for dominion over the medieval realm. With his menacing appearance and strategic cunning, Basil the Bat Lord embodies the eerie and adventurous spirit of the Fright Knights theme.

Recommended Soundtrack: Cemetery · John Carpenter

Custom Parts:

Armour by BrickWarriors

Flag remade by me

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