Sunday, April 21, 2024

Diorama with rain


I've just completed a diorama for the FourBricksTall Bad Weather contest, but unfortunately, the limitations of my smartphone camera are evident.

Despite following the fantastic tutorials from FourBricksTall, I couldn't quite capture the rain effect I created using a water spray.

In this diorama, I wanted to evoke a sense of nostalgia, starting with the skeleton launching itself at the knight. The helmet the knight wears is none other than Basil's helmet from the Fright Knights line, which I modified about twenty years ago by removing the wings and part of the helm.

Moving on to the knight, wearing a sallet from BrickWarriors (a highly recommended site) and a standard LEGO armor that isn't visible in the photo. The cape and horse barding are my own creations made using tutorials found on The heraldry is inspired by the 1990s Playmobil knights line, one of my favorites.

The arm holding the sword, also from BrickWarriors, is a modified arm purchased on AliExpress. Lastly, the other skeleton wears a classic LEGO helmet that I painted twenty years ago after watching Braveheart and deciding to add leather to all the helmets.

The skeleton is clad in a classic armor, with a gambeson underneath that I made myself using graphics from the torsos of the Fright Knights. The graphics are available on

Although I used water spray for rain effects, I added a Photoshop filter to enhance the rain for better visibility.

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